OBU BSc project submissions portal

Welcome to the Oxford Brookes BSc Research and Analysis Project submissions portal.

Please log in or register on this site using the links on the left.  Please note that you need to register on this website in order to log in - your ACCA password will not work.

Submissions may be made in the two Submission Periods each year starting on 1st May and 1st November.  Submission closure dates are always published in advance;  Period 33 closes on 16th November 2016 and Period 34 closes on 17th May 2017.


Please note that this database does not have a live link to ACCA, your data may not be fully updated until our next download in late April or October.  Please refer to your myACCA page for your current status.


Please ensure that your Mentor is Registeredyou will not be able to submit if your Mentor is not on the Registered Mentor list. 

To access the list of Registered Mentors please go to the OBU BSc Mentoring pages on  www.oxfordbrookesmentoring.co.uk  and register as a student - this is free.

If you have submitted previously and been subject to an Academic Conduct decision of Serious Misconduct your resubmission fee (agreed with ACCA) will be £550 GBP for November 2016 and May 2017 - please see Appendix 6 of the Information Pack.

Prior to submitting, please ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements detailed in the Research and Analysis project checklist.

If you are resubmitting, please ensure that you have filled in and submitted the Resubmission Statement.

Please note that we will select random projects during marking for a "viva" - academic interview - as part of our quality control.

Students cannot enter, register or confirm their Mentor name until Submission opens.

If you experience any problems with the online submission system, please contact us at acca@brookes.ac.uk.